Our story is pretty much like that of a SPAZA shop, a mix match buffet or smorgasbord of talent, skill and spaces. Jonathan Liebmann < founder of the precinct > met a guy, Mark Seftel, < CEO of Refuel Properties, and OPEN Collaborative Workspaces >
The two of them had visions around eventing in the neighbourhood; Jonathan thought Mark should meet his creative person Thalia Miltiadou < SPAZA Creative Director, 17 years of creative know-how >, who brought a friend and ex work colleague along, Keith Fox < SPAZA Logistics director, 8 years experience in production >.
Ta-dah a team was spawned, matching the unique, mixed-use spaces that encourage entrepreneurship, culture, urbanism, creative expression and design, the ethos of Maboneng.

We do Experiences, Collaborations and Crafted Events with like-minded individuals in a super space.
We work with insanely talented people in the most unbelievable environment.

Maboneng, meaning ‘Place of Light’, is a privately developed urban neighbourhood on the east side of Johannesburg CBD. A fully-fledged thriving community, Maboneng is home to several independent retail, restaurants, residential, commercial and industrial property, entertainment venues, offices, hotel, a museum and creative factory spaces in a connected urban environment.